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  • Dali - Primus
  • Kuvien - Tribunus

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Home : Legion Target Ring Mod

Download the Legion Target Ring Mod and put a little Legion in all your battles!

This UI mod will simply change your target ring into a Legion logo styled target ring.


Green Con

Legion Target Ring Green Con Preview


Red Con

Legion Target Ring Red Con Preview



Download the Legion Target Ring Mod


Installation Instructions

Copy the enclosed DDS files (/legion/images/ring_target.dds and /legion/images/ring_target_con.dds) to your custom UI "images" folder

E.G. c:\program files\sony\everquest2\ui\myui\images\


Creating a Custom UI

If you do not currently have a custom UI installed, you can:

  1. create a new folder in <eq2 directory>\ui\
    you can name the folder anything you want, but the name must start with a letter and cannot contain any spaces
  2. Copy the enclosed "images" folder to the new folder you created
  3. Edit the eq2.ini file, found in the EQ2 installation directory as follows:
    find the line that reads (should be the first line):

    cl_ui_skinname default

    change "default" to match the name of the new folder you created in step 1
    NOTE: the name must match exactly and is case-sensitive
  4. Save the (eq2.ini) file and launch the game to enjoy your new Legion splash screen