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  • Maloki - Guild Leader
  • Dali - Primus
  • Kuvien - Tribunus

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Who is Legion?

Legion was created February 25th, 2005 as a small family/friend guild on the then Lavastorm server. Since that time, we've grown in numbers and experience to be one of the largest guilds, even when we were merged in with the Nektulos server community. Originally aligned as a Freeport guild, we have since given up our evil ways and can be considered a neutral guild with equal numbers from both cities.

Legion itself is a casual guild, meaning we are informal in our approach to game play. Due to our informality and size, we are diverse enough to allow for a wide range of play styles. We are able to run events, talk tradeskills, welcome friends/family members, chit chat about the weather, raid, offer knowledgeable advice, allow for solo or group play, finish quests, etc etc.. Yet, being able to do all of the aforementioned does not change that at our core we are a casual guild. As thus, expectations need to be realistic. We don't raid more than a few times a week, we cannot offer groups at someone's request every time, guild chat might be slow or quiet occasionally. I'm sure that kind of honesty won't win us any points, but people will find a unique atmosphere within Legion. One that fosters a sense of being among friends.

The main strength of Legion is of course its community of people. Regardless or rank, level, or class, each member is treated equally, and an understanding is enforced that at one point, everyone was a newbie who needed some guidance. As mentioned before, we are able to accept a wide variety of play styles such as solo'ers, raiders, ts'ers. That lends itself well for how each person contributes to the guild. Some offer congratulations in guild chat, others do status point activities, while another might offer location or strategy information. The point is everyone can contribute and does in their own way, and this we accept. We Legionnaires are a friendly, active, capable bunch. No drama and no pressure is the norm. In order to maintain our success as a casual guild, selflessness, maturity, helpfulness and a relaxed approach to game play are key. I'm very proud to say, we have all those in spades.

The guild leadership believes in the tenets of PnP (Play nice Policy). The atmosphere of fairness, fun and respect within Legion extends to every player on our server. Anyone unaware of these principles, will be quickly educated. Ultimately our goals are to have fun, make friends and be successful, but successful on our terms and at our pace.

If you have any further questions, please contact myself or any Legion officers.

Good hunting.

Maloki, guild leader of Legion.